yesterday we visited the Riviera

1 Jan 2010


I have been doing a little blog rearranging for the New Year.

Nice to have a change every now and then.


Yesterday evening, New Year's Eve, after a muggy hot day we drove up the river through a maze of vineyards with the idea of buying some fish and chips at the Ilfraville chip shop and eating them beside the river accompanied by Andy's home brew of ginger beer.


Our plans crumbled when we found the shop closed, in the throws of a change of management - reopening on 1st January.

We drove on to the Riviera Hotel, sounds grand doesn't it.

We thought we would get a counter meal at the pub but , joy of joys, they could sell us some take away food , including garlic prawns.

We had to wait a little while so we ducked out to the beer garden ,
you can see everyone was thrilled to be waiting.


We got our food,
went back to the river foreshore
and with a raucous audience of seagulls and galahs
we gobbled up our feast and
supped our ginger beer and
thought we had done a very good thing.


Stopped off at Brady's Lookout on the way home.
We found a plague of sugar ants, streaming down the hill, more ants than I have ever seen, ever.

At the lookout we also found a friendly couple set up with chairs and wine and food ready to quietly welcome in the new year high above the river.

We were home by 9.30 and then came the painful wait for midnight.
As soon as midnight struck , with our sleepy eyes and bodies screaming for relief there were hugs and kisses all round and then everyone ran to their oh so welcoming beds.

Happy New Year.