White and Green - a rug story

13 Jan 2010

white and green

Last weekend the lovely Emma included my pretty crocheted rug in a gorgeous mosaic of wintery goodness on her blog, Emma Lamb.

Emma has a lovely Flickr group dedicated to Granny Chic which is a celebration of

' great design in new and vintage pieces...

it is about bold but beautiful colour combinations...

it is about mixing old and new ideas, patterns, colours and textures to create something that is
both fresh and modern, yet traditional at the same time..
( Emma Lamb)

white and green

Some people are interested in making a copy of the rug but unfortunately I don't have a pattern.

You see I rescued this rug from the op shop ( charity shop/thrift shop) dog rug bin.

Can you imagine doing all that work and then having it end up as a dog rug.

It was in perfect condition, not a stain or hole to be seen.

Just lovely.

I have made a set of close ups of each section of the rug if you want a closer look and if anyone has any suggestions about making a similar rug I would love to hear.