Vintage scrumminess

26 Jan 2010


Some months ago I found two lovely vintage ( read 1970s, from my youth) bed sheets at the op shop.

All cotton, very pretty, the one you see above and another blue and mauve floral affair.

I thought I might cut them up for something, it seems to be the thing to do so I bought them home, washed them and hung them on the line, all the while knowing in my heart of hearts that I didn't really want to use them for anything but a bed.
I would have so loved this pink sheet when I was a girl and I had sheets very similar to the other mauve and blue one I mentioned.

I needn't have worried, Kate took one look at them and said they had to be for her bed.

So she sleeps under a pretty vintage sheet and woollen blanket topped with a spectacular op shop crocheted rug.

A girl after my own heart.

Here's a closer look at that rug.
It's in fine 4ply yarn, each square is stitched together rather than crocheted and it is a good single bed size.
Just wonderful.


14 Responses to “Vintage scrumminess”

  1. Just beautiful Jenny.
    I have made skirts out of vintage sheets. They are becoming harder to find at the op shop. I have a few sheets that I have collected that I will turn into some more skirts for myself and my 3 yr old soon.
    Take care Jenny.

  2. Are the sheets illustrated with Holly Hobbie. or perhaps an imitation? I still have some Holly Hobbie items on my dressing table.

  3. Hi Rose, no they are not Holly Hobbie but they might be Sarah Kay.

  4. lovely bed. I remember sheets like those when I was a child. Don't think I had any but pretty sure that my best friend had that print in her bedroom. It was always so much more feminine than mine.

    cheers Kate

  5. Ooooh I bought those (or very similar) sheets for my daughter, and had matching curtains (25 years ago) They were so pretty, it made her bedroom look so nice

  6. I saw your lovely picture on Flickr last night, and it's great to hear the story behind it now!

  7. I had sheets exactly the same as a child - about 25 years ago! I loved them then and still love them now... What a great memory you've brought to the surface.

  8. Yummy Scrummy! I dont think I would have had the heart to cut them either so glad they are being put to good use.

  9. I followed the crumbs to your blog and absolutely love it! I am a fan of vintage, too, and my sis and I have a booth in an antique mall here in Oklahoma, USA. I found your blog to be fascinating, in a calm and peaceful way. So nice! You have another fan and follower here.

    Liz (aka Ninny - as in grandmother)

  10. I can't tell you how many sheets I bring home to cut up. Many have become sets with a solid top or bottom, semi matching cases in blended colors.
    As far as Kate's rug, it is a beauty. I love those vintage black and vari colored granny squares. I grab them whenever I see one, the latest being just last weekend. Wonderful muted colors. I lvoe the fact someone made it, and the time they spent.
    It's a wonderful blessing to have a daughter that loves what you do. My mom and I loved the same "kinds" of things but vastly different in style and "age". But it made for intersting conversations, and lots of laughter over the years.

  11. Back again, because I've found a blog with lots of Sarah Kay on it:

  12. Thanks Floss. So many pretty things. Kate has a Sarah Kay calendar for this year, to go with her pretty sheet.

  13. Oh they are gorgeous. I am an avid op shopper and have never found anything that lovely. I was just going to say I would love to buy them off you.

  14. I just love the vintage look and the crochet blanket is really nice!!!!


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