Vintage ads

22 Jan 2010

Today Kate and I went to town to buy her new school books for her new school year that starts in about three weeks. First year high school!!!!

Town was busy, but Kate had a list and we got all our errands done, in good time and home again.

While I rested my sore feet and sipped a quiet cuppa I looked through some of my old Home Journal magazines from 1951 and 1956.

I especially looked at the ads to see how many of the products I recognised.

Do you think she had success?

Kraft Cheddar was the cheese we always ate as kids. I could never understand why it was just stored on the shelf in the supermarket and never in the fridge section with all the other cheese.

I don't know if these are still available but I can remember the radio ads for these pills when I was a child in the 60s.
I am not even sure what they do - everything it seems.

They are yummy biscuits aren't they especially with a spread of butter.

Now Ford pills, another mystery to me.
My Granny took these and I couldn't figure them out. Now I see in the fine print that they are laxatives.
I always thought they were advertised as some kind of slimming pill.

Aunt Jenny and Velvet soap, what a combination.
Still use this in the laundry, do you?

We never had Bon Ami, my mother was an Ajax girl.

Now I think Betty King was perhaps an Australian version of Betty Crocker.
I do have some of her cook books that Mum had in the 1950s.

Imagine, they have been Snap, Crackle, Popping all this time.

One of my favourite ads. Don't you wonder where all these beautiful little girls are now.

Another favourite, those beautiful triplets and their helpful big brother.

Scotch tape - so that's how we all got those amazing day-before-school-photo haircuts.

I think she is lovely as well as her hands.
Off to her Art class, good on her.

OK, time to get dinner ready now and jump back into 2010

( If you want see the ads a little bigger just click on the picture)

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