sweet things

13 Jan 2010


Christmas seems so long ago now.
We are lost in the long summer holiday, the steamy, days and nights running in together summer holidays.

It has been hot here, humid .
Visiting snow covered blogs is positively therapeutic.

Louis' Christmas tree lollipop has been abandoned on the kitchen table.
Perhaps at 20 he is too old to bother with seasonal lollipops.

Anyway, in the cool of the early morning I will share the French Cream Cheese Tart recipe with you.


It comes from a book by Suzanne Gibbs called' Sweet Things' published in 1994.
It was a gift from my sister-in-law all those years ago.

Suzanne Gibbs is the daughter of the legendary Margaret Fulton
who I guess is a little like Delia Smith in the UK.
She has been declared a National Living Treasure by the National Trust.

Actually Suzanne Gibbs has a new book out , a collaboration with her daughter Kate. Her Mum, Margaret had a hand in it too I think.
It's called 'The Thrifty Kitchen' and it looked quite interesting when I snooped through it at the bookstore.

Anyway , on to the recipe.
I took pictures of them rather than copy them out.
We don't have a scanner so I hope you can read them.
If you click on the recipe you will get the enlarged version.

Oh, and I do make the pastry in the food processor and it works just fine.

Happy cooking and eating.