5 Jan 2010

my Christmas heart

My Christmas heart necklace, a gift from Stephen, left abandoned on the kitchen table last night along with a few dirty dishes.

I have a very bad habit of taking jewellery off in strange places , earrings especially get jettisoned her there and everywhere.

We had the best night last night, a full house, or so it seems , when Louis is at home.
He has been unwell for some time and against my better judgement went to the Falls Festival last week.
He didn't really enjoy himself and he looked so bad when he returned, but last night he was almost back to his old self.

Right after dinner we headed into the loungeroom for an evening of board games, well Trivial Pursuit actually.

Everyone was in such a good mood and enjoying each others company, it was great.

This morning , up early as usual I tidied last night's abandoned kitchen and put my necklace on.
I don't mind doing the dishes the next morning when the night before has been such fun.