3 Jan 2010

Kate's new dress

I spent most of my time today cutting out and sewing a dress for Kate.

It's a Very Easy Vogue pattern , number 8469.

And it is easy and comes together well.
The bodice is lined which I like as it means I don't have to fiddle around with facings.

I had to shorten the corsetlet waistband though as I guess Kate must be a little short waisted.

I came to an abrupt halt when I realised that no matter how I looked at it I did not have a zipper the right length or colour.

I am also adding a very lightweight underskirt as the polka dot fabric, a handkerchief cotton, is a little see through.

Clothes, their choosing, making and care. 1958

I think this dress counts as an everyday frock.

According Margaret Butler's list in her 1958 book "Clothes, their choosing, making and care' the essential items of the wardrobe are:

A suit with blouses and jumpers ( sweaters)

A skirt,


One or two plain frocks for everyday wear.

A coat.

A best frock for special occasions.

Accessories, i.e. hat, scarf, gloves, handbag, shoes.

Mackintosh or raincoat.

Clothes, their choosing, making and care. 1958

Talk about a minimalist wardrobe.

How does yours compare?

Kate's new dress