By the Sea

18 Jan 2010


We had a wonderful weekend away down on the East Coast.

We had a cabin by the sea near a little fishing village.


If you watched the cricket on the weekend then you know what sort of weather we had.

Lots of fronts coming through, warm, sometimes hot, occasionally chilly , Tasmanian summer really.

spring beach

We got a good deal on our accommodation, mostly organised months ago.
It even included some vouchers for a local tavern so we ate out one night and enjoyed a cooked-by-Stephen meal the other night.

holiday reading

There was time for reading, and snoozing and swimming, games of squash and games of cards.

Sleep ins and late night strolls on the pier.

summer. with rain overnight

We had rain one night and visits from some athletic looking rabbits and some sweet little blue wrens


We spent time at lovely Swansea on the way home.

I love the mixture of history and seaside on the coast, convict relics and and quiet camping spots, vineyards and orchards and neat round hay bales.
The classic Tasmanian summer colours of toasty yellow fields, blue blue sky and delicious marine blue waters.
We were treated to glorious , painterly landscapes as we drove from the coast back to the midlands and home.

I love that although our children are no longer little ones they are happy to spend time with their parents.
Holidays with grown up children are different to those super excited beach visits with little ones but just as enjoyable.