Vintage shopping

26 Dec 2009

"Every year the same thing happened.
At the beginning of November she made up her mind that this time, for once, she would get her Christmas shopping done early.
She went as far as writing out a list - and there, for several weeks, the matter rested.....

Besides, successful present-choosing depends very largely upon the right atmosphere, upon the contagious zest of crowds, upon sudden inspirations and perceptions, heightened rather than otherwise by a certain sense of pressure in space and time.
To do it cold- bloodedly, in a half empty shop, without any difficulty or competition, is as joyless as a mariage de convenance.
So perhaps it was just as well,
she told herself consolingly,
that she had,
as usual,
left it till the middle of December."

from Mrs Miniver by Jan Struther 1939

So nice to know I am not alone, rather I have vintage shopping habits.