vintage doll clothes

28 Dec 2009


When I was snooping around looking for the ultimate second hand books to give Stephen for Christmas I found a bag of old magazines and knitting patterns for $3.

I was going to save it for Christmas day but I decided I deserved a little present for my dedication to making Christmas so I opened it on Christmas Eve.

There were some rather boring 80's knitting patterns and torn out patterns from magazines, some of which I already had but then I hit paydirt - a series of magazines all turned inside out so I couldn't see their covers but they looked hopeful.

Hopeful indeed.
All were magazines from the mid sixties, all were full of dolly knitting patterns.
Plus an Enid Gilchrist book of knitting and sewing patterns for doll clothes.

How lucky was I?


I think my mum actually had this teen doll mag.




Some of the patterns are repeated but I am not complaining.

Thank you Op Shop Angel