21 Dec 2009


Mum and Dad came round to visit late yesterday.

Mum had some photos that Uncle Ron had sent to Dad, pictures of Dad, his three brothers, Fred, Ron and Kevin and his Mum and Dad, Ada Jane and George.

Juts how cute was my Dad, little Dessie.

I had seen the photo above before but not the other two.

My dad is the second oldest and I think he said there was 16 months between each child.

My Dad was born in 1927 and they lived in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond which was hard hit by the Great Depression in the 1930s.

Dad on the far right with his brothers Fred, Ron and Kevin outside their house in Kelso St, Richmond

Look at these little suits, I think Dad is about 12 here.
The baby of the family, Kevin is still in short pants.
This is taken outside their house in Kelso Street Richmond.


And here he is again, in his early twenties.

I think he is rather gorgeous.

Mum was tired yesterday, it has been a hard year for her with Dad's health issues.

She runs the household and cares for Dad.
She has to make all the decisions and take all the responsibilities and lately she has been feeling overwhelmed.

She is almost 80 and still does gardening for other people as well as some volunteer gardening and she is starting to think that it is time to slow down a little.