17 Dec 2009

Shackie thinking about snoozing in the hallway last night

Look who I found getting ready for a snooze late last night.
Shackie once again sleeping on the Little Golden books.
She may be just an ordinary looking Tabby cat but she is the cutest cat around.
She has fur so soft it feels like a little fluffy day old chick, she has the sweetest nature and the most pathetically sweet miaow.
She was the first born of Maggie's litter, also the tiniest and the most adventurous hence her name Shackleton named after Ernest Shackleton the antarctic explorer.
Sweet sweet cat.

Today I plan on spending the whole day making Christmas goodness for the Homespun Market on Saturday.
My Kate and I are having a little Christmas stall , the market is at the Pilgrim Hall in Paterson St, Launceston from 9ish I think through until 3pm.
We were supposed to go last week but Kate's social life got in the way.

I have to duck out from the market between 10.30 and 12 because it is the opening of Andy's Artrage Exhibition at the QVMAG Inveresk.

I am trying to get Louis to put in a guest appearance at the market to help Kate while I am gone. This would be Louis' idea of hell on earth but we'll see.

Now I have to pop down the street to get some more pipe cleaners and embroidery thread and hopefully avoid the rain.