Knitted Toys

1 Dec 2009


I am becoming increasingly fascinated by knitted toys.

Is this start of my granny years or are these things just too cute?

I would love to be able to design something myself but for the moment I am content to knit other people's patterns and teach myself as much as I can about shaping knitting with the minimum of seams to get three dimensional objects at the end of the process.


I have no trouble designing patterns for my dolls, it is so much fun and so freeing to just be able to sit down with the yarn of your choice, a doll in need of clothes and an idea of how you want her to look and then just start knitting.
I'd also love to make some of my dolly dresses in larger sizes for babies and toddlers - one day.

Debi Birkin pattern

There are celebrity toy pattern designers such as Alan Dart, Zoe Mellor,Susan B Anderson, Debi Birkin, Debbie Bliss - all from the UK I think???
So many gorgeous patterns and as I research more I am finding even more wonderful designers including our own Eli of Dolly Time.
I found lots of designers on Etsy including Susan from Mary Jane's Tearoom.
Just search for Knitted Toys and you will find lots of lovelies.

And of course Julie's beautiful Little Cotton Rabbits

Not only do you end up with a cute little buddy to keep or give away but with each pattern you learn so much about the art of knitting and finishing.

Vintage pattern available on Etsy

Love the vintage styles but I do think I prefer the modern patterns and I am also fascinating by the idea of knitting such complicated shapes in the round as some designers do and some people happily adapt flat patterns to knitting in the round.
So clever.

Victoria the dog by Annita Wilschut

I have even found a pattern for a little dog knitted entirely in the round from nose to tail tip.

There are a couple of blogs full of free knitted toy patterns: Knitted Toy Box and Knitted Toys


So , when the Christmas doll making as come to an end I am looking forward to some quite toy knitting, a do it yourself summer school if you like, learning from the experts and all so generous in sharing their knowledge through their patterns.