Christmas at our house

16 Dec 2009

acanthus mollis


I was up quite early yesterday morning.
Not unusual for me but instead of heading into my work table to get a little quiet sewing done I ducked out into the garden.

We are moving towards the longest day, the summer solstice and the sun gets out of bed around 5.30am with daylight savings.
Does that mean it would be sunrise at 4.30 if we didn't have daylight savings?

Sunset is around 8.40 pm and here in Tassie we have a wonderful twilight, so the days are long at the moment.
Long and summery and lots of opportunities to do things like cooking or gardening at unusual times of the day.

Kate's pond

So the crazy woman was out in the garden at 5.30, pulling a few weeds but mostly wandering around enjoying the smells and colours of the day.
At the bottom of the garden we have a medium size gum tree that is ablaze with its pretty rose red flowers at the moment.
It is also a magnet for birdlife and me stumbling down there when they were all going through their morning routines sent shockwaves through this distant part of the garden and the birds were ducking and diving and shouting to one another.

gum tree in full bloom

The garden still feels so lush though we haven't had much rain lately and the telltale signs of things starting to dry off are there.


Badger found me after a while and we walked together until he and Maggie had a game of chases through the blackwood tree.

badger on a carpet of virgilia flowers

badger and maggie in the blackwood tree


I watered the vegie garden and then headed in for some early morning Christmas cooking, the best time for it , when the day is still cool, the house is quiet and the rest of the family ( and assorted guests) wake to the smell of freshly- cooked- but-not-to- be- eaten- yet fruit mince pies.

fruit mince pies

red penstemmon