Christmas at our house.

5 Dec 2009


The Christmas decos are not really doing it for me this year.

Most of them are looking very tired and a bit sad.


It is a dull day here and it seems the only things I am really liking are the sparkly bright decorations,
everything else has either been assigned to the recycling box or
back into the window seat, the retirement home for has been decorations.


Part of the problem I'm sure is because I am tired of the wall colour and would love to freshen everything up with a lighter colour but I keep getting out voted.

The other problem is my sewing things have not yet been put away because I am still working so things will look less chaotic when that area is all tidy


So as I can I will work on some new decorations
and keep my work area as uncluttered
and Christmas themed as possible.
I can see a lot of dolls being dressed in reds, greens, soft blues, aqua and white.
Now that sounds like the decorations I would like.
Plus tinsel and candles,
I want a sparkly Christmas.