Christmas at our house

2 Dec 2009

Chistmas tree softies

Don't you just love this time of the year.

One week of school to go.

Ten days until we decorate the tree.


I, of course have done nothing towards Christmas yet in any way.

Not a cake or biscuit has been baked.

Not a gift made, bought wrapped or even thought about.

Not a decoration has been found.


The Advent calendar is up and being enjoyed.

The first Advent candle has been lit and the song sung.

We are on our way.

Christmas, like any birth, waits for no one, ready or not.

As a child you think Christmas will never come, the days drag, the excitement builds.

As an adult you know it will come, earlier every year it seems and the short journey between each Christmas is the life we are living so you had better make it a life well lived.

The sweetness and the noise are both part of Christmas
as we strive to grab hold of the meaning of our Christmas,
the miracle of new life,
the miracle of a life to live,
the joy of family,
the joy of unconditional parental love,
through the generations,
celebration of family,
your own little family
and the family of humankind,


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