Calendar Girls

14 Dec 2009


So exciting.
Late last year I joined a website called Red Bubble, a show place and selling venue for lots of beautiful photography.

My old camera was not sophisticated enough to take photos that could be used for anything more than notecards.
That camera became Andy's camera toss camera.
Around the middle of the year I got my wonderful Lumix DMC-LX3 , such a pretty camera.

It has been a huge and often frustrating adventure getting to know this new camera and I am still totally befuddled most of the time but I am learning by trial and error.
Because the photos are much better quality now, a higher resolution, I have been able to make a calendar featuring some of my dolls.


The calendar arrived today and it was so exciting to see my photos of my dolls all bound up together in such a professional looking format.
There is one photo for each month and honestly I have looked at this wonderful thing , oh, about 999 times today.


If any of you should want a copy you can go to Red Bubble and purchase a calendar of your own.

I think you can also buy cards and things featuring my photos too but I haven't really checked that out.

Plus you can explore all the other much more wonderful photography there as well.


This little one is wondering whether she will be Miss July in 2011.