Boxing Day Bliss

26 Dec 2009



Ah, Boxing day.
Is this not THE perfect day?

Cricket on the TV to keep the menfolk happy.
Plenty of left overs, no cooking required.

Presents to explore and enjoy.
This year, lots of books to read.

A totally lazy day, no one is expected to do anything.

I read Mrs Miniver, a Christmas present,
on the new garden seat, a Christmas present,
while sipping tea from my new china mug, a Christmas present.

I think the whole world was still asleep.
It was just me and three black hens and Charlie the duck.

Eventually I was found by two black cats as well and then unfortunately the mosquitoes found me.

Kate mooched out to join me too.
I put my book aside , we talked about yesterday.

It was a really nice day.

Early morning presents.

Mum and Dad came round for breakfast.

I made my contribution for Christmas lunch: prawn cocktail with THE most delicious dressing, a recipe straight from the pages of a 1970s recipe book and a silverbeet salad topped with a red onion and ham marmalade and an interesting red dressing - very festive.

Lunch at my sister's, she did a mighty job with very little help.

Home to eat whatever we could be bothered to get,watch a movie, ring distant relatives and for me, a very early night.

I think I have managed to catch Louis' bug that has been making his life difficult for the past couple of weeks.
Oh well, it's a good time for a rest.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day
and that you can enjoy these lovely , slow days that lead to the end of the year.