9 Nov 2009

Poppy investigating the chestnuts
( Poppy investigating a chestnut)

This morning our dog Poppy passed away.

She was 13 1/2 years old, given as a birthday present to Louis when he turned 7.

( Poppy sleeping by the fire)

She was a good and faithful dog, always enthusiastic, the best cricket fielder you ever met.
Fearless when going for the perfect catch.

A wonderful watch dog and protector.

( Poppy off down the garden for a walk)

She was mistress of the garden and loved to patrol the fencelines checking for neighbouring cats and dogs.

Her last months have been difficult due to the ravages of Cushing's Disease and though we hoped she would pass away gently in her sleep it was not to be.

Our friend the vet helped her on her way to a more peaceful, painfree place where she can chase balls and cats and bumble bees to her heart's content.

Poppy the dog

Good bye Poppy.