Shop Update

16 Nov 2009


Small shop update this afternoon, if the weather/light co operates for a photo session.
It has just come over all dark and the word rain had been mentioned.

Only ten days until Niche, well until the day to set up our stalls.

Kate has had one of her sweetest friends to stay this weekend.

The weather was beautiful all weekend and Stephen worked/played in the garden all day every day.

We scored a second hand couch for free, it needs a new less bland cover but that will have to wait.
Also bought a really good second hand cook top to replace our less than stellar gas cook top that was always choking and was down to only two sometimes working burners.
We ( read Stephen) just have to organise an electrician to wire it in.

Kate goes away to camp on Wednesday - YAY!!!! ( of course I will miss her but she is excited about going on a proper camping in tents kind of camp, and near the sea)

Andy has his last exam on Wednesday - YAY!!!!

Louis is coming home on Saturday - YAY!!!!

1950s Lucie Atwell book

I have done all the housework so now I get to play with dollies until tea time - YAY!!!!