14 Nov 2009


I think this is politely called Creative clutter.

I think it is actually a big mess.

This is what greeted me this morning, the telling evidence of yesterday's events.

Yesterday afternoon I had to go out to the 'Big School' to pick up Kate after orientation day for Grade 7 next year.
Can you believe she is going to high school next year??!!

She had a great day and so did I.


I don't go over that side of town very often so I took the chance to visit the op shop and found a whole basket of glorious mohair yarn.
I couldn't justify buying all the beautiful colours, I stuck to suitable hair yarns.

The pattern is an etsy buy that both buyer ( me) and seller ( Sonja) had given up for lost, it was waiting in the letter box when I got home.


The other treasure from the op shop, apart from two pairs of trouser and a cute skirt all being washed as we speak, is this dear little book.
I have googled it and can't find anything about it or the author Dominique.
It is a Belgian book, translated into English and the illustrations are gorgeous.
The little boy, Kito, is just the perfect sweet little boy, somewhere between a Betsey Clark and that other Belgian Marcel Marlier.
I would love to be able to make a little doll as sweet as this little character.
The book is dated 1969.
I know I have at least one Belgian reader who is very interested in children's book illustrators so maybe Sabine can help me to find out more.


This little tin isn't an op shop find , it's a relic from my youth but it has found a home on my work table filled with wooden buttons.


And this is the little doll I abandoned when I left to go to school yesterday.

The other very important reason to visit school yesterday was for the official opening of Andy's senior photography exhibition.
His major project was an exploration of camera toss , you can see some examples of his work here.
I sacrificed my old camera to his camera tossing and his bedroom floor disappeared under mattresses and cushions to provide a safe landing.

So much variety in the all students work.
If you are a local you could pop into Poimena Gallery and have a look.

OK time to stop farnarkling and get on.