11 Nov 2009


I was feeling a little glum yesterday afternoon.

There was knock at the front door and it was the parcel postie.

She said" a parcel for you Jenny."

I always wonder how she knows my name and then I remember Doh! it's written on the parcel.

I was expecting much needed wool supplies - why anyone who knows they have bazillion dolls to make before Christmas let her wool stuffing supplies get so low is beyond me.

But no, not wool.
Instead a wonderful surprise package from a dear blog reader.
Not only the sewing machine manual she said she would send but beyond beautiful 1930s style fabrics in all the colours of the rainbow, just perfect for everything to do with dollies, plus every attachment you could ever think of for a vintage sewing machine, and some I'm sure I never would have thought of, the manual to tell me how to use them and some sewing machine oil and grease.

I feel so spoiled, such a lovely , lovely gift.

Thank you so much.





This curly affair is the key for my sewing machine cover that Stephen fashioned out of an old bicycle spoke - pretty good huh.


And just to prove that dolls really are being produced here at Little Jenny Wren Central, here is a sweet little one who headed off to the US earlier in the month.

I am actually working night and day on dolls, the work is good, I am enjoying every moment of it.
Doing what I love,
surrounded by my family, home, pets and garden
- what could be better, I ask you.