19 Nov 2009

I have just made the most wonderful discovery.

A discovery I could have made much earlier if I wasn't such a lazy blogreader and took the time to actually visit people's blogs.

My bloggy friend Eli, who does have a wonderful blog,
now also has a wonderful Etsy shop, Dollytime,
selling her beautiful, beautiful knitting patterns.

Beth and her little lamb

Remember the lovely little sheep I knitted back in May and the wonderful tales of Eli's international jet setting sheep.

Eli has lots of free patterns on her blog.
She is such a generous person.

And now she has her shop as well so you can buy a pattern for her sweet sweet dolls and mice.

So lovely.

I bought the dolly patterns for the dolls in the first picture - to be enjoyed
once the madness of the pre-Christmas doll-a-thon is over.

The little Christmas mouse below is her latest creation.