16 Oct 2009

tamarisk tree and falling down fence

We have had more rain, never ending showers followed by sunshine that is forcing the garden to grow in a chaotic , fertile, overwhelming way.
The sun and rain seems to draw the sleeping plants up out of the ground and force them into flower.

unknown rose outside the boy's room

Nature always wins, as much as we think we can tame it .

Stretching growing reaching out to cover everything man made in ridiculously healthy life.

You can smell the growth pushing out of the soil as the sun warms the rain soaked ground.

Growth pushing out from the leaves that fell in the autumn and have rotted and nourished over the winter.
Stand still for too long and nature will reclaim you too, cover you in vines with flowers sprouting from your ears.

a fence of jasmine and ivy

The incredible, in your head,down into your heart smell of wet , warmed jasmine, frothing and lolling in the morning sun.

Intoxicating and for some reason forever taking me back to the sunwarmed streets of Melbourne's inner suburbs, Richmond near west Richmond station near my sister's house so long ago the sweet frangrance mingled with the smell of gas from leaky pipes.

Our old flat in Prahran, jasmine in a tub at the door, living just across the road from Prahran train station and its little level crossing in Greville Street, the vintage treasure shops, the boot man, the biodynamic food shop, the hair dresser who wanted to dye my hair orange, the old record shop, the vegetarian restaurant and the Post Office just off Chapel Street where, rushing up the steps to pick up a birthday parcel from my family I ran straight into the English actor Michael York winding him and almost said something very rude.
Sitting on the steps outside our cosy little flat, sitting in the sunshine with the jasmine beside me listening to someone playing a trumpet at the empty train station.
It's all half my lifetime ago and it's all there every spring time when I close the gates and wave goodbye to my family, when I reach through the jasmine to draw the gates closed and walk back to the house and feel my earlier life walking with me.