Sunday walk

4 Oct 2009


Went for a Spring time walk today to the beautiful little park at the bottom of the hill.

It used to be a brick yard, manufacturing bricks for the local houses.
Now it a wonderful oasis in the middle of the suburbs only a blink from the busiest shopping area in town.
When we first moved here they were just beginning the transformation that has lead to this being one of the prettiest parks in town.
Through it runs a sturdy concrete path, it seems a little out of place until you remember that the low set buildings at the bottom of the hill are a hospice and the smooth path allows for easy access for wheelchairs.
There are plenty of bush tracks too, they head off up the steep embankment and into the native bush which blends so well with the exotic tree species.
They have done such a great job of cultivating and blending , of allowing beautiful wild areas and slightly more manicured lawns and trees.

This place is a haven for all, for the neighbour children and dog walkers, for those wanted to experience the changing of the seasons with the combination of native evergreen and exotic deciduous trees. The grassy areas also allow for small native flowers to flourish.

The pond at the bottom of the hill is where we used to catch tadpoles.
I love the flowering cherry next to the pond and surrounded by native grasses and a hill of wattles - perfect.
The pond held a surprise today.
A pair of wild ducks enjoying a swim.
If you look carefully you can see them.
They took off when we showed too much interest and I just caught one on the wing with my camera.

My favourite little tree grows in this park, the weeping pear.
Such a beautiful tree.
I took so many photos of its blossom.
It is beautiful in all seasons but most especially now in blossom and in late summer with it small golden pears hanging down like Christmas decorations.

Truly this park is more beautiful each time we visit.






I'll try to do a tutorial for making these little hair clips this week.


The big bad banksia men