My Place and Yours : on the shelf.

20 Oct 2009

My dolls

I decided to join in with Pip's My Place and Yours meme.
For once it's my kind of meme, no questions to answer and no one to tag.
Just talk about what's on the shelf, OK.

I am a doll maker as you know but I don't have large numbers of the kind of dolls I make in my house.
Kate has about five Waldorf style dolls and I have one.
The rest are only here temporarily until they find happy homes to go to.
Sometimes it is hard to send them off but each one I send means another one I can make.

I do, however, have a small collection of vintage and op shop salvaged dolls who sit on a little shelf seat that mum gave Kate a few years ago.
It doesn't fit in her room so instead it it outside the boys' room beside the linen cupboard in front of the door we blocked off to give the loungeroom one wall without a window or door.

It's not an ideal spot but until the heavens open and attach a wonderful lightfilled studio to the top of our house ( wouldn't that be wonderful) this is the only place they can fit and not be in the way.
It's a little corner that needs a bit of a facelift day.

Now the doll in the kilt, the doll in the blue coat and the doll with the black bolero are dolls from my childhood.
The black bolero girl I called Marie and she was made in France, is marked the brand Bella and came in a beautiful box with lots of French writing.
The little doll in her lap is also from my childhood and is called Jane, after Jane Eyre.
The doll in the kilt and the doll in the blue dress are Colleen and Debbie, they don't have any markings on them but I have always fancied that they are English.
Mum made their clothes and several other sets including some knitted cardigans and jumpers.

The doll standing up at the back with the brown long pigtails came from the op shop, in perfect condition but naked.
She has the marking SIMBA STHK-171 on the back of her neck and is a German doll I think.
She is also a very lovely gentle looking doll.
There are a couple of little blonde dolls there too that came from the op shop with there hair all matted and naked ( and naked at the moment too) I washed their hair and slathered on hair conditioner and slowly combed out the knits and snarls.
I washed there dirty little bodies too and now they are as good as new.

There is also a boy doll with a blue gingham cap who I found at the op shop.
He had a twin sister as well but she had already been bought by someone else.
He is a Spanish doll I think.
He has the marking Panre and Esther written on the back of his neck and the date 26/9/95.

The girl with the plaits tied on top of her head with a white bow is an ebay buy.
She was made/ designed by Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen and is part cloth , part china and very sweet.
There is a little Ginny doll too, naked but for her red shoes and waiting for her clothes to be repaired, she came from ebay.

There is also a Joan Walsh Anglund doll , the one with the bright yellow hair and a Holly Hobbie doll, Carrie, with the red and white bonnet.
These were both found on Etsy.

Not on the shelf but on the sewing basket are a couple of my handmade humpty dumpties.
You can see my old toy pram repainted by Mum and Dad to give to Kate for her birthday some years ago and that is home to Louis' old and very much loved teddy called Ted plus a couple of dolls made by me.

One day I guess I'll have a special place for the dolls.
It would be easy to get carried away collecting dolls but it it much too expensive for me.
I haven't paid much for any of these dolls, they are all a bit "used" as dolls should be and the real collectors seem to be looking for those in mint condition.
That always reminds me of Toy Story 2, and the sadness and bitterness of the toys that didn't belong to a child anymore.
Yes , I know I am strange.
I also feel sad for the abandoned dolls at the op shops, dirty scruffy hair usually naked or in torn clothes and completely unloved.

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