14 Oct 2009


Much organising, list making , checking of supplies going on around here.

Lots of pattern drawing, sewing machine whirring and scissors snipping.

I'm finalising all my lists for dolls for the rest for the year, allotting time and supplies to make sure each doll is made in good time.

Trips to the post office and lists to go with me there too making sure I have the packaging supplies I need.

It's exciting here in Santa's helper's studio otherwise known as the playroom, though just for today I have taken over the kitchen too because I have a lot of machining to do.

These pictures are old, from two or three years ago but the scene is much the same.
This picture below is one of my most viewed photos on Flickr - it looks like a complete mess or a genius at work??? Complete mess probably.

making dolls 2


There has been a lot of baking and cooking going on too.
I do need to keep my strength up don't I.
This cold wet weather really make you hungry !!!