Just a little dolly

1 Oct 2009

Angela's new doll

I have had such fun making this little doll.

What a character.

She started off with just a dress, a handknit organic baby alpaca dress in a soft chocolate shade.
Oh and of course her cosy hand knit singlet and panties.

The dress looked sweet but a little bare.
Next we added a hair ribbon, baby blue with white polka dots.
And a little blue crochet at the neck of the dress and to tie at the back.

Then she needed a blouse - OK.
A white blouse with blue flowers, slightly puffy sleeves and a soft pleat at the neck.

And, of course, some blue and white polka dot bloomers and finish off her outfit with some slip on red shoes.


Angela's new doll

And now she is bundled up in soft tissue paper
and held safe with a blue ribbon
and is travelling north to join this little one.

For Ella Grace