7 Oct 2009

new dolls

Just a little bloggie scoop.
There will be two new dolls in the shop on Friday.
Of course they will be dressed and have their faces on, ready to meet the world.

I hope to have one or two dolls in the shop each week from now until mid December so that people who are hoping for a doll to buy for Christmas might find something they like.

I will also have dolls in various shops and I will be at the Niche Market and the Civic Homespun Market as well.

If you click on this banner above either here or in the sidebar it will tell you where I'll be and when, and other places you can find my dolls

Oh, and I have managed to convince Kate that she does not want summer jim jams for camp - it's been very cold here at night lately, I'm not really being lazy.

OK, that's enough self promotion for today.
Tomorrow is a public holiday here for the Launceston Show but Andy has practice exams and Kate is going off on camp.
It will be just Stephen and me rattling round.
Doesn't sound too bad does it?

new dolls