10 Oct 2009

Pt Sorrell

Just had the very best day today.
We drove up the north west coast to Port Sorrell to Kate's writer's camp.
We drove through the most beautiful picture perfect farmland, red and chocolate soil of the newly ploughed fields.
So many shades of green , the pastures, the crops, the trees, the hedges, the grass by the side of the road.
Not a direct road to be found just a series of straights and right angles as we threaded our way around farms through hamlets such as East Sassafras, Moriarty,Thirlstane and the elusive Harford.

Port Sorrell was calm and sleepy, the camp was alive with children who had willingly given up a public holiday and a Saturday to get together and write.

We had a picnic lunch, listened to the writing that the children wanted to share and then wound our way home.


We stopped at the Big Spud to buy a 10kg bag of locally grown potatoes and some brand new asparagus.

We stopped at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and had the biggest raspberry ice cream cone I have ever seen.

The asparagus will have to wait for tomorrow, we are still full from the icecream and a toasted sandwich will hit the spot nicely.
Just the best day.

New seasons asparagus