29 Oct 2009


It's been all dolls and food here for the last few days.

Food because the family must eat and as long as I can keep some semblance of order in the house, keep up to date with the washing and have something yummy for breakfast lunch and tea then the troops are happy and will leave me to get on with my doll making.

From my seat at the work table

This is my view for most of the day with my trusty radio keeping me company, plus a little to left I have a window to look out and watch the birds and garden and a little to the right I have the computer screen where I sometimes have a DVD playing.

Being an outworker for Santa takes up most of my time at the moment,
being that it's only about 8 weeks until Christmas,
about 6 weeks until Kate finishes school,
4 weeks until the Niche Market,
3 weeks until Andy's last exam,
1 1/2 weeks until Louis last exam,
1 week until Andy is home on swat vac ( study leave)
- you could say I am in count down mode.

Three dolls for Cocoon

These beauties should be heading off today after I embroider their pretty faces.

So many gorgeous fabrics to play with not to mention the lovely yarns .

Lots of new ideas to try out as well, some different things for the market to fill out the gaps between the dolls.

It is an exciting and sometimes tiring time.

Lucky I had some lemon butter for my morning toast.

Whoever thought that might be a good idea, to mix butter, eggs sugar and lemon was a genius home cook.

Mind you we hardly need more eggy things as we are getting about 3 dozen a week and that includes 7 duck eggs which make all cakes and puddings sublime.
We have had omelettes, frittata, scrambled, poached, boiled and fried eggs, egg sandwiches and egg rich cakes, puddings and biscuits and I have some to give to mum.

By the way, I'll do a Challenge update tomorrow.

And another thing.
The little doll below is Kate's birthday doll and while I was outfitting the Coccon dolls I made a new outfit for her as well.
Kate makes sure that little Tasha stays close by where I work so that I will be inspired to include her when I am dollie dressmaking.

Kate's doll with her new clothes