The Great Unveiling

22 Oct 2009


This is the beautiful Singer sewing machine I bought at the op shop yesterday.


From the machine number I found out that she was made around April 7th 1948 at Kilbowie, Clydebank in Scotland.


She is gorgeous and I have named her Celia mainly because I recently rewatched This Happy Breed and Celia Johnson was , as always, such a treasure and so is my pretty, pretty sewing machine.


I think it is one of the last models to not have a reverse stitch.
My auntie's machine was bought in the early 1950s and she says hers was one of the first to have reverse stitch.


It doesn't have it's knee lever which this model had instead of a foot pedal but Maisie ( my auntie) is lending me hers in the hope that Stephen will be able to fashion one for it.

It also doesn't have all the fancy feet so I am still investigating what special feet it should have.

Mum and Maisie both have some old bobbins I can use.
Mum used to have a Singer Featherweight, the cutest sewing machine ever made but she SOLD it to a dealer a few years ago without consulting me first - the cheek of it.

When I turn the fly wheel every thing is so smooth.
I hope that means that when I power her up she will take off as if she is only a year old not 61 years old.


Oh and I'll post the Melting Moments recipe tomorrow because Kate needs the computer for some homework and I am typing on borrowed time here.