18 Oct 2009

apple blossom

Finally managed to upload some pictures, there was a problem with the lead that connects the camera to the computer.
I will be updating the shop tomorrow, two new dolls that should have gone in on Friday.

I have spent most of the day in the garden.

Hanging load after load of washing to take advantage of the perfect drying conditions, sunny and windy , but not too windy.

Everything is dry now and folded and waiting to be put away.

I did some weeding in the garden and planted some of ground covers and a couple of tiny azaleas down near the apple trees.
The chooks of course wanted to dig them out as soon as I moved away.
They love newly dug over dirt.
I had to keep putting the sprinkler on to keep them at a distance.

Working in the garden I could hear the chooks ( hens) that live around the corner.
Two families there have hens and funnily enough they are families that go to our school.
Must be a school for chookie people.

We have all been happily busy all day, each working on our own projects but there have been plenty of opinions offered and decisions discussed.
Nobody was too stressed or having a difficult time.
A nice day really.

Hope you had a nice day too, sometimes a nice day is just what you need.



Bluebells and apple blossom

Cherry blossom