22 Sep 2009

Floral pinny 1

Gads , I had such fun yesterday, I washed and washed all day long.
Never has a person had so much fun doing the laundry.

You might remember our washing machine problems earlier in the year.
Stephen triumphed and was able to fix the washing machine ( and the car).

Unfortunately about a month ago the machine died again only this time it died with all our underwear inside and the door just refused to open.
No matter what anyone did it kept its O shaped mouth firmly shut.


Stephen tried to work his magic again and was almost successful.
He got the door open and was fiddling around with something on the back of the machine when the door slammed shut.
He tried to pull the door open again and the handle broke off, so, I'm afraid to say, he completely lost it and smashed the control panel of the tormenting horror with a hammer!!!!
Bye bye washing machine.

And so began the days of hand washing, again, and looking for a new machine.

It was delivered on Sunday.
A new to us, that is reconditioned second hand machine that I have fallen rapturously in love with.
What a wonderous thing a washing machine is.


So yesterday, I washed everything that wasn't nailed down and I would still be going today except its raining and I would feel a little foolish filling the line with clean washing in the rain.

All's right with my little world!

the washing dancing 3

All today's pictures are from my archives.
I was too busy washing and singing yesterday to pause for camera moments.