15 Sep 2009

new cushion

Here she is, my beautiful cushion, bought at the market for only $4.

She was a little grubby and dusty and she is a little faded but isn't she gorgeous.

The picture doesn't do justice to her charming Christmas pudding plumpness and her kapok filled squishability.

I unpicked part of her backing, a circle cut from an old damask tablecloth or curtain and pulled our her innards.
The inner cushion is made from some old orange and brown and very autumnal cotton.
It had popped its seams in a few places and the soft yellowed kapok had dribbled out.
While the crocheted outer was soaking in a basin of warm soapy water I repaired the inner and then took it outside for a good shake and thump to get rid of all the dust.

The washing water had to be changed several times before it was no longer turning brown then I left the crocheted loveliness to dry on the windowseat.
The inside of the crochet is still very bright, just like new it hasn't faded at all.
The outside colours have become muted, I could have swapped it over but decided the softer colours suit me better at the moment .
And isn't it wonderful to know that when the right time comes I can swap them over and have a whole new cushion.

My inner granny then went on to make yummy scones - with strawberry jam and whipped cream.
Enjoyed in the sunshine on the front step with Andy and Kate


I made mini scones because that was the first non star shaped cookie cutter my hand fell upon.
They took less then 10 minutes to make and I popped them in the oven way before it was any where near hot enough - around 150° rather than 220°C.
I switched the fan on in the oven and blasted them for less than 10 minutes, until we could smell their yummy baked goodness .
Then we sat and ate their deliciousness, a little crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.
According to Stephen , who ate the leftovers when he came home from work they even tasted yummy when they were cold.
Don't you love a happy cooking discovery.

a quack of ducks

And I'll leave you with this picture of my lovely felted duck, bought at the Homespun Market on Saturday.
He is a honey but a bit of a dude with his skewed baseball cap.
My more formally dressed china duck doesn't really know how to take this new addition to the flock.