My Creative Space

30 Sep 2009


I don't have a studio or even a sewing room but what I do have is the room formerly known as the playroom.

The playroom also contains the stereo, many books, the computer,the piano and the window seat.
I share it with the whole family and the cats and dog and you walk through this room to get to the loungeroom.
In fact since we took away the leadlight dividing doors it is all the one biggish room.

I'm sure my creative clutter drives my husband mad.

I do try to keep it all looking nice but have you noticed how well fabric piles grow without any care required.
I get this little piece and that little piece out of the cupboard and then I search for another piece and then the pile is just a little bit taller.

I keep my patterns contained in the old cupboard, the fabric is in the bottom two thirds of the cupboard.
The cupboard came from my sister's house , the one before the one before the one before the one before the one she lives in now.

I sit on a wicker chair with the cushion my mum knitted to make it a little more comfortable and the old round patchwork cushion behind my back.

I have a little set of drawers, an op shop treasure, an old bedside set of drawers that Kate painted with butterflies and other creatures when she was about five.

This is where I keep all the little bits and bobs, yarn labels, business cards,mine and other peoples, sometimes a chocolate bar or some cashew nuts, birthday cards - you know- all the stuff you need to have around you.

I work on a plastic trestle table that mum and dad bought for extra table space a couple of Christmases ago.
I have given it a green gingham dress so it doesn't look so stark and plastic in the middle of the room.

Near the window seat, on the other side of my work table is an old chair that used to belong to Nonna.
Nonna was a neighbour who died about 5 years ago, Mum somehow inherited this chair which she then had recovered and gave to me.
Nonna is famous for dressing exclusively in beige and decorating her house in all shades of beige and brown.

We call the chair ' the purple chair' because when mum gave it to me it had a small purple cushion on it.
The cushion ended up outside with one of Kate's games and slowly and quite rightly faded to a pale beige.

This chair is a fireside chair, it is just right for knitting, the chair arms are in just the right position but being wooden they get a bit uncomfortable on the elbows thus the ever present crocheted rugs to soften the situation.

It also tends to become a dumping ground for things that other people think I might like to mend or stray doileys sit here until they find a purpose.

At the moment the purple chair also houses a cushion Louis made for me when he was in Grade six, it's embroidered with the message ' FOR MUM'.


I would dearly love a room of my own but with a small house and one of my children currently sleeping in a room not much bigger than a shoe box ( my old sewing room) I have to continue to love the playroom, my creative space.