modern retro housewives

18 Sep 2009

Remember this article by Ami Thomas that was linked to by lots of blogs 3 or 4 years ago...

"Her alarm clock chimes before the sun rises.
She's not only up and at 'em, she's dressed to the nines in heels and a full face, wearing perfume.
Her apron is starched and matches her outfit, and breakfast is on the table.
Her husband and
children come to the table dressed and pressed: they've been raised that way, and she's done the ironing.

The year is not 1944, or even's 2004, and the modern retro housewife is keeping house like Grandma did.

She’s starting early and staying up late.

Her day begins just after daybreak, when she gets up and gets dressed.

No sweats or boxer shorts and t-shirts for her, she's wearing silk pajamas and pin curls. She bathes, dresses, combs out her hair and does her face.

She's a modern-day Donna Reed, and she doesn't wear Donna Karan..."

It used to be on the now defunct Port Halycon site and I thought it was lost forever.

Well now you can read the whole thing at

and as an added bonus Ami Thomas has a blog with lots of lovely 1950s vintage housewife pictures.

"... You know, the whole thing really comes down to how you want to live and what you want out of living.

Frank Sinatra said, "You only live once, but if you live like me, once is enough."

We believe that, in theory, though most of us can't live like the Chairman of the Board. Mostly, we try to live like we mean it, like it matters, not like we're just killing time or getting through one thing and onto the next.

Every day matters when you live simply and honestly and know what's important to you.

We look at our children and we're proud of them.

When we're old, we can look back at our lives and be proud also—proud that we were modern retro housewives."

Ami Thomas