23 Sep 2009


Kate and I had the best find at the op shop ( thrift/charity shop) on Monday.


This gorgeous rocking deck chair


Isn't it just so pretty?
The cushion is the one Mum made for me a couple of years ago, it suits it don't you think?

Stephen picked up the chair yesterday because we couldn't carry it home on the bus.

Kate and I agree the best thing about it is that both Stephen and Andy think it is uncomfortable whereas the girlie bottoms think it's just fine.

I do have some other old deck chairs that belonged to mum.
She gave them to us years ago and I had them out the other day measuring them for new canvas.


Last night was Brown Owls and the lovely Isis taught a capacity crowd how to make a hand bound book.
I was.
By the way, Isis has an Etsy shop if you want to see some of her work.

We used a method called Coptic binding which once you twigged to the idea was easy and fun.


This blog has some amazing and beautiful examples of coptic binding.
We definitely learned the beginners version.
There is a good tutorial on you tube, and lots more listed, and here is another bloggers tutorial.


I used ordinary copier paper and the covers of a Little Golden Book that I had two copies of, it has illustrations by Corinne Malvern, very cute.
So after I cut the covers off I was left with the lovely story illustrations.
Now I'll have to think of something wonderful to do with them.