5 Sep 2009

a little bit of crochet and Smarties : : YUM

I spent an hour or so this morning working on a crocheted doll blanket like this one I made for Kate many years ago.

I am getting some lovelies together for the Civic Homespun Market next Saturday,
12th September from 10am to 3pm.

There are going to be some great stallholders:

Shazza's Knits

Cathryn Gibson

Kylie's Creations

Rocky Gardens

Cheryl's Creations

inner+ child

Red Bamboo

Mrs Smith

That Vintage

Loz and Dinny

and me

plus many more including

lots of great knitting

and jewellery

and wine

and weaving

and bulbs for the garden

and art

and lovely felted goodies ( I bought Kate's felted bag here last Christmas)

and food,

yes I think there is food ....

but if not, then just have a good look around,

buy something if you see something that makes your heart sing,

chat to the lovely stallholders/craftspeople/artisans

and then pop off to somewhere like Coco Bean for a coffee and a choccie

and then realise that that little treasure you saw at the market has stolen your heart

and you really do have to walk back down Paterson Street to Pilgrim Hall

and have another look.

See you there.

If you are a local or travelling to Launceston next weekend I'd love to see you at the market.

Why don't you pop in and say hello.

The Smarties are what is left of Stephen's cricket watching food

- cricket after midnight -

has the world gone mad?