14 Sep 2009


Yesterday was spent at the Evandale market searching for a "new" scythe to replace the old one which broke - no luck.

There were not many stalls at the market actually, a legacy of non stop wet weekends I guess.

I did find one treasure which has been washed and needs to be put back together, I'll show you tomorrow.
It's just gorgeous and was super cheap.

We did but local apples and pears there plus some bursting with enthusiasm garlic, locally grown too.
Today we are getting our first Hilbarn box and I am quite excited.
All local vegies, fruit and herbs to supplement this year's vegie garden which we are only just planting.
The constant rain of the past month delayed our preparations - when I say "our" I actually mean Stephen's but I do give lots of encouragement.
Gemma mentioned Hilbarn on her blog and so I investigated, it's called cyber word of mouth, it's a wonderful thing.

Yesterday afternoon was spent hacking through the jungle to plant some new fruit trees and spreading compost on the almost ready to be planted vegie garden.
We bought a quince because they are pretty and a fuji apple to add to our red delicious apple tree,
green- but- I- don't-what they are called super yummy apple tree
and the other little-red-unknown-apple in the front garden
as well as the bartlett pear tree near the tap.
We also got a yellow clingstone peach to add to the myriad white self sown peach trees we have and the two nectarines, one grown from a pip from my Auntie Maisie's tree.
There is also a plum, can't remember it's name but we put it down near the d'Agen plum,
the two greengages
and all those funny little cherry plums and yellow plums that the birds love and small children graze on through the summer.
Oh, and I almost forgot, we are trying another passionfruit after the last one succumbed to prolonged insect attack through the hot dry, bone dry summer.

We do have grapes as well, and our ever prolific apricots trees, youngberries and strawberries, not to forget the feijoa and fig tree.
We grubbed out our waste of space never grow proper fruit raspberries and turned that bed into vegie garden.

So summer and autumn are great for fruit and there are apples and pears in the winter.
Spring, however is a fruit free zone in our garden.

Lots of blossom and baby fruit being set but nothing to eat.

OK enough dreaming of freshly picked home grown fruit.
This house needs a good clean and spruce up and I'm hoping for some sewing time this afternoon.

Happy Monday ( Sunday evening) to you.