Doll Making Class

16 Sep 2009

First doll, made in 1998

About twelve years ago I made my first Steiner/Waldorf inspired doll with the help of Cecily at playgroup. We, the Steiner mothers, each made a cushion doll as our introduction to these marvellous little dolls.

I gave that first little doll to Kate for her first birthday and on a holiday in Adelaide she tossed it out of her pram as we rushed to catch the Glenelg tram back to our little holiday flat.
I had so enjoyed making that doll, especially the little head, that beautiful shape, so life like but so simple.

My next doll, the little one above was made about six months later at a doll workshop run by the craft group I belonged to.
A doll maker from Canberra came down to teach the class.
I loved it.


I guess I started making dolls for other people right from the start but my skills have grown and matured over time.

I have made other types of dolls, I enjoy making other types of dolls but I like Steiner doll making the best.


On the weekend of 24th and 25th of October I will be taking a dollmaking class.
The Rainbow Garden Playgroup are doing the organising and I will be doing the teaching.


I have taught dollmaking to several groups over the years and it is always fun.

The most memorable was when the class had to be moved at a moments notice to my own cosy warm kitchen, I mean the morning of the class.


We all sat around my kitchen table, and happily sewed.
Cups of tea and coffee were made, lunch was shared and dolls were created.
What a memorable weekend.


This class will be held at the playgroup's home in French Street


If you are interested email me at and I will give you the contact details.