Bee there !

10 Sep 2009


Is there anything about this picture that doesn't say,
no shout,

And I am such an awesome photographer (ha, ha)
that I even managed to catch a blurry bee on the wing as I tried to focus my camera,
blinded by the very welcome sunshine which completely blacked out my little camera screen
and I clicked the shutter button,
ever hopeful that I had a picture of whatever it was that I hoped to capture.


Now, don't forget, all you local lads and lasses, that the last of the Winter Homespun Markets is on this Saturday, in the Pilgrim Hall, Paterson Street Launceston, 10am to 3pm.

The Taste of the Tamar is also on in the city ( I for one would not like to taste the Tamar but I'm fine with tasting anything grown in the wonderful Tamar Valley)

and I just received an email from Fran telling me that the Launceston Patchwork and Quilters Exhibition is on this weekend, in fact it starts today at 10am, just down the road at The Punchbowl Centre.

So, a fantastic market,
a chance to taste some great wines and food
and then pop in to see some fantastic quilts
AND it isn't raining,
although by the weekend , who knows
AND I took a picture of a blurry bee on the wing -