After the rain

3 Sep 2009

The endless rainy days continue.

We saw the most magnificent rainbow walking back up the hill from the op shop this afternoon.

It's the Book Week dress up day tomorrow and Kate was looking for something suitable to suggest Jane Goodall, we found a shirt and trousers in suitably khaki -ish safari tones.
Kate read a book about her earlier in the year and was very impressed by her.

I didn't have my camera with me so you will have to take my word for the rainbow's beauty.
We could see the full arc and all the colours which were especially bright at each end
- because of the pot of gold, I suppose.

I did have a little walk around the sodden garden when we got home.
The light was magnificent.

The whole town is a gorgeous green gem at the moment with bright jewel flowers opening up everywhere.

Maggie escorted me around the garden

Just look at this beautiful twilight sky.

Click on the photos for bigger versions.

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