365 Handcrafted Thrifty Days.

24 Sep 2009

I have decide to take up Tif's challenge, to join her and several other brave souls .
For the next 365 days, well starting from Sunday , I am challenging myself to make what I can and buy only handcrafted or second hand goods for my home and my wardrobe.
You can read more about the challenge here


As Tif states, I plan to get creative with whatever my home and my wardrobe may require over the next 365 days, and again, as Tif says, only time will tell if I can pull it off.


There will be exceptions.
I give myself permission to buy whatever I need for my dollmaking.
And as I will be making clothes although I have plenty of fabric I am sure to run out of thread so that's on the free list too.
I really do want to see if I can just use what I have on hand instead of thinking I always need another piece of fabric.


Like all the other challengees I reserve the right to buy firsthand underwear (and tights and socks) and I'll happily accept gifts.


My husband and my children are not included in this challenge.
Also, as Christmas and birthdays are the main time my children actually get new clothes and trinkets I will buy them what they need but I will also make them gifts and buy handmade for them too.


As I look around me much of what I see in my home is already second hand or hand me down or repurposed or handmade, or sometimes hand-me-down-home-mades!


I think my biggest challenge will be not buying new books, my love affair with The Book Depository will have to lie low.
Though I must admit to doing some last minute panic buying today.
Etsy and the local markets and shops like Cocoon and Ruby Pear will become my new best friend for special things that I can't make myself, plus of course the usual op shops that I haunt.

op shop dress

And, because I can't subscribe to the English Country Living magazine I am giving myself permission to buy just that one mag each month.

Is that too many exceptions?

pin tin

Oh and if I should need some shoes, though I rarely buy shoes or boots and do sometimes buy second hand, hardly used shoes, but as my winter boots are almost through the soles and cannot be repaired I may have to buy new boots next winter but we shall see.

start of the santa hat

So, the challenge begins for me on Sunday.
When my home or my wardrobe needs something I will look first to what I already have and use that before I start looking further afield and will do my best not to take the easy option of buying something new and mass produced from the shops.

Each of these pictures contains op shop( thrift shop) , second hand and homemade goodness.
I have been doing this for years, well most of my adult life if the truth be told but I'm looking forward to living within the rules of my challenge.

Just thinking about the challenge and the exemptions I think I need is starting to make me aware of my priorities, this is going to be very interesting.
I think I will do a progress report once a week to see how I'm going.

If you want to join in just let Tif, the Dottie Angel know and she will add you to her list.