14 Aug 2009

Birthdays, I just love them, especially my own.

Queen for a day.

As usual, I have woken mind bogglingly early.
It seems like nature's way of making sure you make the most of each day - by waking you with a rough shake and hoisting you out of bed even before the birds are up.
So I have had time to re-read all your lovely Give away comments and I have decided on a winner.

And the winner is!!!!!!!!


Here is what she wrote:

"My favorite dress was one my mom made.. she made one for my sister as well. They were long Easter dresses, about 1976, made of gingham. The gingham was 1/4 inch size, so larger than what is more traditional now. Mine was yellow, and my sister's was pink.They had a center panel down the front, and a sash that tied in the back. Mine was trimmed with a daisy trimming that had a yellow center, my sister had pink. We wore those outfits the first time to Easter services. Then we wore them as our regular Sunday clothes. We had straw hats and gloves and white patent leather shoes to wear them with on those occasions. My hat had ribbons on it with yellow daisies.

That summer I was 10, and my parents sent me alone on an airplane to Missouri where my grandparents lived to spend the summer. I wore that dress on the plane, but without the hat and gloves, and with a gingham kerchief instead. I spent a wonderful summer with my grandmother, picking muscadines and making pies and going to the library and beauty parlor with her, playing with the dolls houses she had made me and in the understairs playhouse she had created. The best summer ever. And I wore that dress to tea and to visit her s'welegant friends. I keep a journal of that visit in an old day by day calendar my grandfather gave me, and I read through it with my boys this summer as we were packing.. so many wonderful memories, all tied to that yellow, cheery, dress."

And she found a picture of the pattern used to make the dresses.

Such a sweet dress and very Sharon Kane / Little Mommy , I must say.

I know this is one of the winners favourite books and the pattern picture reminded me straight away of this Little Golden Book, I guess it's the headscarf.

Little Mommy, Sharon Kane 1967

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to enter and help me celebrate my birthday.
I hope you enjoyed reading all those lovely memories.
And thanks too for your good wishes for my dad.

Now I off to make my morning coffee, the first drink of my new half century.
Then I'll find a warm place in the kitchen to sit and drink and think ( and wait for everyone else to wake up and give me my presents, don't you just love being given presents - love it!)

The Happy Family, Little golden book, illustrator Corinne Malvern