Wet, wet, wet

21 Aug 2009


Wet, yes today is wet with a forecast for increased wind and more rain.

I am tucked up inside the house, plenty to do but getting wet whenever I have to pop outside for some firewood.

The ground is saturated , well waterlogged , so, as we don't have rainwater tanks, the rain is just running off to wherever rain runs to, the sea, I suppose.

Perfect weather to play nuts, a game the boys used to play with whatever seed pods they could find and set them on the water rushing down the gutters and see which one was the fastest.
A good game for getting very very wet and then running inside to change into dry clothes and hang around in front of the fire until the rain eased a little and another race could begin.

I am supposed to be looking after Dad this afternoon while Mum goes gardening but surely she won't go in this weather.
The woman is dedicated but surely even Mum would agree that it's a bit wet.


Amongst other things I am working on three dolls for this shop.

The shop has signature colours of red, brown, grey and black and this put me off making things for them once before but I am adding a pale aqua in various forms;
an aqua summer dress embroidered in red with a little design from this book and topped with a little red cardigan,
an aqua knitted dress on a brown skinned doll with red Mary Jane shoes and braided cornrows with red threads
and the last one will be a doll wearing a three piece outfit mostly white or natural linen I think but with delicate aqua and red patterns and maybe red gingham bloomers

- I am still playing with that one-

such a lovely thing to do, gathering fabrics and trying out some ideas.