Things of note today

19 Aug 2009


1. Charlie the duck laid her first egg of the season.


Well done Charlie!


2. Spring seems to be coming to the garden.


Well done garden!

My Mum and her best friend 1941

3. My Mum turns an undisclosed age today,
let's just say she is 28 years older than me.

( My mum is the taller of these two little girls above and she is about 10)


Well done Mum!

( This is my mum , again the tallest of the three although she isn't a tall person.The other two are her sister Maisie on the left and the lady in the middle is Dawn who was one of Mum's bridesmaids. I think this picture was taken in the late 1940s/early 1950s)

The girls, 1966

This is Mum, me and my little sister, 1966.


This is Mum, me and my little sister Christmas 1986 just before my wedding.
Yes we both had perms, those were curly days.


This is the whole family at Mum and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary, in my back garden.
Andy was just a baby when this was taken, January 1993.


And this is Mum , taken a couple of years ago, most probably on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum.