6 Aug 2009

McCalls 7441

One of my favourite childhood outfits was made with this pattern.

I am not sure how old I was but my sister was old enough to have a twin outfit so I am guessing I was about 6 or 7.
If I wasn't so lazy I would get the pattern out to see what size is on it.

Mum made the pinafore in a black and white small houndstooth check and the blouse was in a candy pink ( think musk stick) flannelette.
The pinafore had shiny metal buttons and cute pockets.
I loved that blouse, so soft and pretty.
(I didn't wear a lot of pink as a child although I fancied myself in hot pink when I was about 11 - it went well with my olive skin that tanned to a nut brown and I had some hot pink towelling two piece bathers that became ridiculously heavy when they got wet and had a tendency to fall down if you dived in.)

I am sure I would have worn sleekies (thick tights) with this oufit, black or white and black patent leather T bar shoes.

This outfit wasn't special because it was homemade because Mum made almost all our clothes.
She loved making new things for her girls and we probably had far more clothes than we needed.

The outfit was special beause I just loved everything about it : colour, shape, comfort and a really happy time in my life.

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