The little girls

8 Aug 2009

Me and my little sister 1964

I love these pictures of me and my little sister.
She is three years younger than me and we were inseparable as children.

Once she got to a useful age, about 3, and we could go around together a dividing line was drawn in the family.
My two cousins lived next door.
My cousin Sue was born in 1954, my brother in 1956 and my other cousin Chris was born in 1958.
My brother and cousins played together all the time and I was a little add on.
Eventually my brother and cousin Chris and a whole bunch of similar aged boys in the street had a pretty good gang and I tried to play with them but they didn't want me around.

With my sister as my ally we became " the little girls" to the big boys and I think were seen as slightly pathetic but there were a lot of other little girls in the street and we all discovered one another just before we were school age.

But I think too we had a slightly different childhood, more a sixties version than their fifties one.

We had television from 1963 and because we were young we liked to watch the little kids programmes ( not that there were many) whereas the older kids just thought those programmes were stupid and therefore we were too.

We, the girls, loved our dolls and once dad built the playhouse, first under the back deck and then our very own purpose built house, with electricity and a little water tank, we were in heaven.
So much mothering of dolls ( and cats), we played restaurants and hospitals and libraries; we cooked strange little pancakes on a tiny tin stove using a candle.
We played there from dawn til dusk.
We did play in the bush too, or over the back paddock as we called it, but we played separately from the boys.
We also loved the playground that was over the road with its mega slippery slide that burnt you bottom and legs on hot days when the metal baked in the sun.

me and my little sister 1964

So, my sister and I were best friends and I looked out for her because she was always the youngest in the gang.

I thought she was so cute and when she graduated to a big bed and we shared a room I would sneak over when she was asleep and stroke her soft, soft face and give her a kiss.

me and my little sister 1964

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