27 Aug 2009

spring blossom

It's cold and wet and windy and snowy down here.

The early spring flowers are wondering if they have made a dreadful mistake, you can see them shivering.

For me this week has been all about avoiding the worst of the weather, trying to get the washing dry and teasing Kate.

Katie's  beehive

Teasing her hair that is.

This week is the Grade Six school play, a musical of course and as it is set in the late 50s early 60s the girls have been asked to phoof their hair.

Katie's beehive

What a wonderful thing superhold hairspray is -
you could land a jumbo jet on that 'do and not a hair would be out of place.

Two more performances to go, Kate is in the chorus so she gets all of the fun and none of the drama ,
and with a director who is prone to hysterics,
believe me,
that is a blessing.